Guiding B2B
buyers with highly targeted
and personalised Ads

What we do –

Account Based Advertising Platform

Personalize your campaigns, build brand awareness with buying committees, and close deals with dream clients even faster, all through leveraging an ABA platform and services that make it easy to identify and target key companies.

Account Based Advertising allows you to engage multiple stake holders and manage non-linear sales-cycle, focus on the best-yielding potential accounts, align marketing and sales and support their account management efforts, all in line with privacy regulations.

We deliver the right content to the right people in the right accounts at the right moment via our IP targeting technology and unique Analytics and Intent data powered by AccountInsight adtech.

Data As A Service

How Expandi ABA works

The award-winning Account Based Advertising platform, management and optimization services that allows you to place personalized ads in front of key decision makers on the sites they visit. You can benefit from:

Step 1:

Target the most valuable clients and prospects interested in your solutions, utilizing our Data & Analytics - including firmographics financials, industry propensity, and Intent Data

Step 2:

Identify and Select high-value B2B companies and accounts using IP addresses rather than cookies

Step 3:

Use contextual targeting to place ads against articles containing the right keywords combinations

Step 4:

Monitor progress and improve performance with a dynamic reporting dashboard with details at account and company level

Step 5:

Enjoy a flexible pay-per-campaign model, rather than subscription fees or fixed costs

Unique Value

With our IP targeting technology and our unique Analytics and Intent data, we can deliver the right content to the right people in the right accounts at the right moment.


Best In Class optimization

You can target each company as a single campaign.


B2B Focus

Empowering effective segmentation, our account management platform contains the most accurate B2B firmographics and decision-makers details.


Data & Analytics augmented

Unique combinations of firmographics financials, industry propensity, and Intent Data enable the selection of prospects interested in your solutions.


GDPR and e-privacy compliant

Unlike inefficient and imprecise cookies, IP targeting ensures your outbound targeting of high-value companies is fully GDPR compliant.


AD Inventory Optimization

Focus on the media that precisely fits your content and your audience.

Use cases

Get your brand seen, recognized, and remembered by powering up your Account Based Advertising with:

Zero-waste ads

Zero-waste ads

Focus your advertising on high-potential accounts rather than wasting ad-spend on clicks from companies that aren’t best-fit.

Personalized messaging

Personalized messaging

Sales conversations are accelerated via impactful personalized campaign messaging shown on the right websites.

Precision targeting

Precision targeting

Stay front of mind by identifying and targeting high-value key accounts with relevant digital ads.

Enhanced marketing

Enhanced marketing

Increase your share of voice, mind and market: ABA works perfectly as part of your overall marketing.

Inventory Optimization

Empowered Sales teams

Deliver warmer leads from engaged key accounts to your Sales Teams.

Target and engage your best-fit B2B companies via our ABA solutions.