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Precisely targeted and personalized messages are a sure way to boost your clients’ marketing effectiveness, especially when it’s all empowered by accurate customer-data insights.

Directly engaging with the decision makers known to have shown an interest in your clients’ key offerings optimizes every marketing activity, from top-funnel branding to bottom-funnel demand-generation programs.

You can also offer your customers additional services and value via access to a series of flexible and easy to use Self-Service Data Solutions.



Use Cases

Data Type Used


Data as a Service (DaaS) Find new clients

Enrich knowledge on your prospects and clients

Select your target

Prioritise your most valuable accounts (ie. ABM)
Firmographics & Financial Information
Data as a Service (DaaS Plus) Target the accounts ready to engage

Prioritise media and channels based on "signals"

Customise messages based on signals

Enrich knowledge on your customers/prospects
Firmographics & Financial Information + Buyer Intent

Awareness and Advertising

Data Management Platform (DMP) Reach your Total Addressable Market with 100% accuracy

Weigh your media investments based on the most valuable clients (ie, ABM)

Weigh your media investments based on intent signals
Firmographics & Financial Information + Buyer Intent + IP Addresses/ User IDs/ Devices IDs

What’s in it for you?

More revenue per client

More revenue per client

A new and effective set of data-driven services grants you increased access to your existing clients' marketing budgets in a swiftly growing field

Attract new clients

Attract new clients

Draw new clients in by delivering Self-Service data-driven Solutions that substantially increase the effectiveness of their marketing and sales efforts

Retain current clients

Retain current clients

Retain and deepen your relationship with your clients by enlarging your portfolio of leading services and delivering effective data-driven marketing

Offer your customers more value by helping them:


Enrich knowledge on prospects and clients


Target the accounts ready to engage using personalized messages


Prioritize and optimize media spending based on the most valuable clients


Increase the results of their marketing investments

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