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Implementing the most effective marketing program?

Even if you don’t have the necessary in-house expertise, resources, technology, and data, we can swiftly help deliver concrete results through a series of invaluable Managed Services.

Having planned and implemented omni-channel, insights-based marketing programs for over 20 years, Expandi serve all the key B2B sectors, including IT, financial services, manufacturing, and professional and business services.

Implementing the most effective marketing program?

Our Methodology

Expandi managed services options can support every client’s needs, from strategic planning to implementations services we can deliver the service that fits your ideal customer’s journey

Our Methodology

Strategy & Planning

Strategy & Planning

We work with you to achieve your business goals via optimized strategic, marketing, and sales plans aligned for both local and global marketing programs.

We'll help you:

  • Define metrics, goals, engagements rules, and frequency of reporting
  • Design omni-channel account-based marketing programs for specific business goals (e.g., Brand Awareness; Pipeline Generation, Cross-Sell, Up-Sell, Adoption, Competition Killer)
  • Ensure marketing and sales are aligned around strategic plans and the targeted accounts via specialized workshops
  • Set up feedback loops between marketing and sales to measure program impact on the business

Target Creation

Target Creation

Based on your own portfolio of services and strategic aims, we help you precisely identify the Total Addressable Market (TAM).

This can only be accomplished utilizing Expandi's firmographic, financial, and decision-marker contact details, all fully integrated with company IP addresses and our unique Intent Insights.



We enable the setup and management of the entire execution process, including full usage of Expandi Data, Platforms, And Marketing resources.

This includes monitoring results, generating performance reports, implementing improvements, and optimizing all strategies.

Campaign Monitoring and Adaptation

Campaign Monitoring and Adaptation

You'll receive regular reports and updates from our in-house marketing experts, detailing any possible adaptation and further optimization of the campaign's execution.

Expandi reporting and analytics tools allows you to fully review and analyze the results at every stage.

Services & Deliverables

We work with you to achieve your business goals via optimized strategic, marketing, and sales plans aligned for both local and global marketing programs.


How we deliver

Account Based Advertising

Deliver the right content to the right people in the right accounts at the right moment.

Unique Analytics and Intent Data plus IP targeting technology identifies and targets key companies.
Account Monitoring

Personalize your messages, prioritize accounts to contact, and ensure timely communication.

Our Intent Data platform monitors all relevant content consumed through social and digital media by a list of targeted accounts.
Creative and Copy

Repurpose existing marketing content as well as building new content for the delivery of effective omni-channel campaigns.

In-house specialized design and copy teams create engaging communication materials.

Achieve open and click through rates superior to average market standards by reaching out to the Decision Makers with personalized, relevant messages.

Our B2B email proprietary data is the most exhaustive in the business.
Online events

Organize online events, webinars, podcasts, etc, all designed to suit and achieve your objectives.

Integrated event platforms ensure the smooth set up and running of tailored activities.
Website tracking

Transform most of your website's unknown traffic into a known audience you can target with progressive marketing actions.

A unique utilization of extensive IP proprietary data and technologies.
Inbound and Outbound Calling

Plan and execute effective phone-based engagement leading to previously unprecedented results.

We deliver an international multi-linugual call center of professional multi-channel specialists.
Social selling

Make more of the most appropriate social channels, channel animation, and content creation.

Our teams of specialists undertake effective, experienced sales engagement on your behalf.

Unique Value


A unique B2B Data Base

draw on a 100% precise B2B Data Base of SMB, Midmarket, and Enterprise accounts (matched with local Chambers of Commerce listings etc) integrated with firmographics, financial data, technographics, IP addresses, and Intent Data.


Comprehensive B2B Marketing Platforms

ensure end-to-end management of the customer journey and related tactics by accessing the most complete B2B Marketing Platforms.



the planning and implementation of your omni-channel campaigns are supported by over 200 in-house skilled marketeers.


Proven track record

we work with most of the largest global IT vendors along with the thousands of companies utilizing their IT ecosystems.

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