Self Service access to our Data and AdTech platforms

Boost your demand-generation strategy and raise awareness of your brand and solutions

Self-Service Solutions geared up to your specific needs

Your marketing success is driven by accurate customer-data insights, enabling precisely targeted and personalized messages.

From top-funnel branding to bottom-funnel demand-generation programs, all your activities are optimized when you’re engaging with the decision makers known to have shown interest in your key offerings.

Expandi provide access to a series of flexible and easy to use Self-Service Data Solutions that you can deliver either in-house or through your agency of choice to power up your marketing programs.

You can select the most suitable solutions empowering your objectives, via based-on-need payments such as one-off downloads or yearly subscription.

Self-Service Solutions geared up to your specific needs

Select the Self-Service Offering that’s right for you

Do you need to boost your demand-generation strategy or raise awareness of your brand and solutions?

Our offerings progressively deliver evermore valued services and increased capabilities, while always giving you full Market Coverage of SMEs, Midmarket, and Enterprise Accounts.



Use Cases

Data Type Used


Data as a Service (DaaS) Find new clients

Enrich knowledge on your prospects and clients

Select your target

Prioritise your most valuable accounts (ie. ABM)
Firmographics & Financial Information
Data as a Service (DaaS Plus) Target the accounts ready to engage

Prioritise media and channels based on "signals"

Customise messages based on signals

Enrich knowledge on your customers/prospects
Firmographics & Financial Information + Buyer Intent

Awareness and Advertising

Data Management Platform (DMP) Reach your Total Addressable Market with 100% accuracy

Weigh your media investments based on the most valuable clients (ie, ABM)

Weigh your media investments based on intent signals
Firmographics & Financial Information + Buyer Intent + IP Addresses/ User IDs/ Devices IDs

Each offering can be topped off with added facilities. With our Add-On Services we can help you plan and deliver the most effective integrated marketing campaigns. Expandi Match marketing experts work with you to plan, implement, and monitor the execution of your campaign.
You can also boost your demand-generation and awareness campaigns by implementing winning, competitive-attack strategies empowered by our Technographics and Installed-based data.

Leverage real-time, accurate data and insights you can trust, along with the largest EMEA, GDPR-compliant B2B lead database covering SMEs, midmarket, and enterprise accounts.

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