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The B2B Marketplace for the Service Industry with Corporate Responsibility.

Identify your ideal service provider and prospect customers and close deals faster. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

The Service market is complex and constantly changing.

Expandi Match, part of Expandi Group, is the B2B marketplace for the Service industry. Through its superior data, analytics, and customer insights connects Buyers and Service Providers in the most effective way allowing them to close deals faster. With over two decades of B2B sector expertise, Expandi Match connects the best providers with buyers looking for solutions in these sectors: IT, Banking & Financial Services, Logistics, Fleet Management, Professional Services, Business Services, Transportation Services, and Health & Life Science Services.

Our Offering

Find your best fit customers and close deals faster

Your marketing and sales success is empowered by accurate customer-data insights enabling precisely targeted messages and optimizing marketing results. From top-funnel branding to bottom-funnel demand-generation programs, all your activities are optimized when you’re engaging with the right decision makers that have shown interest in your key offerings. Companies that put in place the right data strategy will jump ahead of any competition.

Expandi Match B2B marketplace puts you in contact with your ideal prospects when they are looking for your solutions.

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Find a Service Provider that fits your needs

Finding the right provider is not easy. Whatever is your company size and purchase process finding the right providers to invite to the table is a time consuming and complex task.

Expandi Match offers advice and qualified up-to-date profiled information on the Service Providers you are looking for. From small purchases to large scale deployments Expandi Match is the right marketplace for you.

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Boost the sustainability of your company

Expandi Match can help you boost the sustainability of your company.

With our “Marketing for Good” initiatives you can contribute directly to a cleaner planet and engage with prospects’ clients that equally care.

All companies that subscribe to one of our green initiatives will receive a certificate proving the completion of the sustainability program, you can also access your sustainability awards via a dedicated App.

Global Brands already use our unique data and insights to connect with the right supplier and to position their services to their ideal prospects.